Table of Contents

Volume 3, Issue 2


Comparative Study of Various Evolutionary Approaches for Digital Circuit Layout based on Graph Partitioning Technique PDF
Maninder Kaur and Kanwaljit Singh 1-4
A Parallel Evolutionary Approach for Solving Single Variable Optimization Problems PDF
Priti Punia and Maninder Kaur 5-9
Developing a Web-Based Location Navigation System in the Context of Covenant University PDF
Akinyemi, I. O and Oyelami, O. M. 10-13
Enhancing the Performance of Nearest Neighbor Clustering Algorithm PDF
Sudhir Singh and Nasib Singh Gill 14-19
Methodology Adopted towards Analysis of Spatial Patterns of Chlorophyll Distribution in Coastal Areas PDF
Mehfooza Munavar and Pattabiraman.V 20-24
Accuracy Based Face Detection Mechanism using PCA with Kernel Trick PDF
Rashmi Gupta 25-31
Automatic Road Detection of Satellite Images- A Survey PDF
Supreet Kaur and Seema Bhagla 32-34
Image Deblurring Using DCT Based Fusion Techniques- A Survey PDF
Veni Maheshwari, and Seema Bhagla 35-38
Genetic Algorithms for Staging Cervical Cancer PDF
Sookham R.P Singh and Rajinder Singh Virk 39-43
Comparative Research on Fuzzy C-Means and K-Means Clustering Segmentation PDF
Mamta Bharadwaj, Ankita Walia and Hemant Tulsani 44-47
Standard Cell Circuits Partitioning using Genetic Algorithm PDF
Puneet Saini 48-52
English to Sanskrit Machine Translation-Etrans System PDF
Promila Bahadur 53-61

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