Vol 1, No 3 (2012): IJCAIT

Table of Contents

Review Papers

A Survey of Feature Extraction and Classification Technqiues in OCR Systems PDF
Rohit Verma 1-3
Certain Investigations on Query Processing related issues in Mobile Computing Platforms for Large Databases PDF
Andamuthu Palanisamy 4-9
A Comparative Study of Mobile Phone's Operating System PDF
Gaurav Jindal 10-15
A Comparision of VBScript and Java Script insight on Selection and Future Enhancement PDF
Sri Venkatesh Sankaran 16-20
New Inspiration in Nature: A Survey PDF
Nitesh maganlal Sureja 21-24
Bandwidth Estimation Problem and Solutions in IEEE 802.11 based Adhoc Networks PDF
Neeraj Gupta 25-31

Research Articles

Packet Reordering Procedure with Ubiquous Communication Systems PDF
Devavarapu, Sasi Kiran Jangala and V.S.Giridhar Akula 1-3
Inculcating Intelligence into E-Learning PDF
Ritika Bansal 4-9
Barcode Payment System in Trusted Mobile Devices PDF
Vibha Kaw Raina, U.S Pandey and Munish Makkad 10-16
A New Dynamic Route Discovery Mechanism for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks PDF
Humaira Nishat and D.Sreenivasa Rao 17-20
Transmission Redundancy Elimination in MANETs for Effective Broadcasting PDF
Anand Nayyar 21-25
Performance Comparison of Secure Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks PDF
Babu M, Mukuntharaj C, and Saranya 26-30
A Principal Design and Recommended Solutions For Developing Secure Techniques Used In Ids For WLAN And Wired LAN PDF
Umesh Sehgal 31-35
Signature Based Intrusion Detection System Using SNORT PDF
Vinod Kumar and Om Prakash Sangwan 36-41
Fuzzy Fusion System for Radar Target Recognition PDF
Imen JDEY, Abdelmalek TOUMI, Ali and Mounir DHIBI 45-49
Video Compression using Nueral Network PDF
Sangeeta Mishra 50-54
Analytical Study of Line-Shift Text watermarking Technique PDF
Monika Patel 84-87
Design of a Fuzzy Expert Based System for Diagnosis of Cattle Diseases PDF
BAgbonifo, Oluwatoyin C. and Ajayi, Adedoyin O. 93-98
An Adaptive Fuzzy Clustering and Location Management in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks PDF
B.G.Obulla Reddy and Maligela Ussenaiah 99-105
GNU Based Security in Software Defined Radio PDF
H. B. Bhadka 106-107
Optimizing Quality of Service Evaluation in IEEE 802.15.4 Networks PDF
T.Thirunavukarasu, A.Anitha and B.Dhivya 119-124
Combine Two Clustering Technique to Improve Results PDF
Rahul Malik and Raj Kumar 125-129
A Novel Soft Computing Model on Landslide Hazard Zone Mapping PDF
Iqbal Quraishi, Goutam Das, J Pal Choudhury and Mallika De 130-135
Fuzzy Fusion System for Radar Target Recognition PDF
Imen JDEY, Abdelmalek TOUMI, Ali KHENCHAF, Mounir DHIBI and M.S.BOUHLEL 136-141

Tutorial Papers

Server Technology -Web Based Service Oriented Architecture for Mobile Augmented Reality System PDF
Jatin Dilipkumar Shah, Bijendra Agrawal 1-5
Advantages and Limitations of SDLC PDF
Radhika D. Amlani 1-5

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